Day 358

December 23, 2008

hennepin ave bridge

Another stop on my new route home, is this, the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. I like this shot because it looks like a rendered image, and it only gets sharper in the original resolution.


Day 357

December 22, 2008

xmas cards

Announcing the winners of our first ever annual holy crap christmas cards awards. The prize for Number 11111 Luls goes to Satchmo and Adoxograph for their “baby translate” card. The prize for “I have friends that can write something so sincere?” award goes to Andy. Congratulations to our winners, you’ll receive your prizes shortly.

Day 356

December 21, 2008

miles on the road

Miles takes some times in between press junket interviews on his latest movie tour to chat a little bit with his peeps.

Day 355

December 20, 2008


Snow blankets our neck of the woods, and I’m not just dreaming of a white Christmas, I’m in the middle of one.

Day 354

December 19, 2008

christmas on the horizon

Christmas looms closer in our house, and all around the world. So far, we’re only got one gift under the tree, and it’s for Mister Miles. I shook it, it’s definitely not a DS.

Day 353

December 18, 2008

mister miles

Miles enjoys eating, and if you’re not doing it fast enough, he’ll either dive bomb the spoon, or grab your arm and stuff it in his face (pictured here).

Day 352

December 17, 2008

taco bell warmup

Phil, Heather, Erica and I went to the Wild game tonight, with a little warmup at Taco Bell beforehand. I blame TB for the Wild’s loss.