Day 351

December 16, 2008


There’s nice stuff everywhere, including the parking ramp. Due to the intense cold streak we’re having, these suckers will stick around for a while too.


Day 350

December 15, 2008

the new bridge

I found a new way home, along the river road, and it takes me directly under the new 35W bridge, which looks way cooler from underneath.

Day 349

December 14, 2008

erica makes dinner

Erica made a delicious Sunday night dinner, orange roughie, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

Day 348

December 13, 2008

miles meets santa

Zia Alicia took us and Miles to the Mall of America to meet Santa, and he did well! He didn’t get scared at all, and he even smiled on Santa’s lap.

Day 347

December 12, 2008


The weather was crappy on the drive home today, but I had some time stuck in traffic to snap this picture of the Minneapolis skyline.

Day 346

December 11, 2008

des adam and miles

Des, Adam, and Kristi (not pictured) came over for some dinner, and Miles was pretty happy to see them.

Day 345

December 10, 2008

make mine a busters

We had a meeting of the Ericssonian neighborhood group, name to be determined, at our local drug free watering hole, Busters. After waiting for a while for some of the Standees to clear out, we got a table. I picked the two beers they were out of, but still got to drink two delicious beers.