The purpose of this blog is to be an exercise in focus. It will be a test to see if I can continue something past the two day  time span that my attention span normally cuts off after.  It will also be an avenue to take a bunch of pictures, put them out in public for everyone to see.  I’ll plan to take one picture, every day, for an entire year, and put it here on the blog.  The catch being, that I can’t just take any picture; it has to remind me of why the World Is Nice (WIN).  If I can find something every day that makes me happy, and capture it, it’ll be a pretty good year.  I am in no way a professional photographer; I am most likely a bad photographer.  My project won’t begin until 1/1/08, and I hope that it won’t end until 12/31/2008.


4 Responses to “WTF”

  1. […] 4, 2007 at 7:50 pm (It’s Nice.) Feel free to check out the WTF page for an explanation, or check out my other blog, as this won’t start up until 01.01.08. […]

  2. Wifey said

    Well good luck! I know you’ll do great.

  3. Sister-in-law said

    Word son. i will be checking back. hope you find what is nice and makes you happy! 😀

  4. Dad said

    We each create our own view of the world. May as well create a nice one.

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