Day 365

December 30, 2008


Stay with me here, cus I’m getting metaphorical: After a long day at work, and a big deployment out the door, I’m happy to go home.


Day 364

December 29, 2008

Carnivale night

Heather and Mandi stop by to watch some Carnivalé, and eat some delicious tofu banh mi sandwiches that Erica made. Unfortunately, not everyone made it out of Babylon with a full stomach.

Day 363

December 28, 2008

aernie and miles

Aernie found his way to my house by some magical occurrence, and spent a little time getting to know Miles. Miles was only moderately terrified by the creatures that live in Aernie’s beard.

Day 362

December 27, 2008

potrack love

Erica is incredibly excited about the installation of her Christmas gift, the pot rack– and when she’s happy, I’m happy. Also digging out that big frying pan from the bottom of the cupboard is a huge pain.

Day 361

December 26, 2008


This photo brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

Day 360

December 25, 2008

xmas with miles and maurizio

Nonno Maurizio helps Miles open up his Radio Flyer Go Kart type mobile.

Day 359

December 24, 2008

xmas with miles and mandi

Miles and Mandi share a Christmas moment on the couch.